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* The undertake and carry on business as importer, Exporter & Supplier of Computer, Computer Accessories, Network Cable & Accessories, Electronics, Machineries. * To carry on any other business as importer, exporter, buyer and seller of and dealer in manufacture of merchandise and goods of all description whether allied with above business of otherwise. * To Import, Export, Buyer, Sell and deal in and with, whether as principals, agents, brokers or other wise and to carry on all or any off the business off importers and exporters, manufacturers, buying ad selling agents, whole sale and retail dealers in all and every kind of general produce substances, goods, materials, merchandise and articles from in and to all parts of the world. * To carry on the business of all kinds of suppliers stockiest and wholesaler. * To act as representative or commission agent of foreign manufacturer. * To carry on the business with communication and collaboration of local and foreign companies.

*Today, businesses demand global vision, an in-depth understanding of customers and suppliers, demonstrated thought leadership and a consultative partnership approach to offer the highest possible returns on IT investment. We help businesses achieve these ends. Working closely with our customers as transformation partners, we deliver and implement solutions across a number of technology & platforms.

i-Tech is the leading quality solution provider for corporate, professional and individual customer. We offer a complete package of solutions.

The Past has been glorious and the future looks bright. Whether you are a prospective client or a potential employee, We invite you to come and try the (i-Tech ) Experience, feel free to contact us. As technologies change and market dynamics shift, we continually develop new product and solutions.

(To be sure of our expertise, creativity and quality of our work.)

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