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Our Mission

 i-Tech ™ is a fast growing IT related service provider company currently working in Import, Development, Marketing and IT Solution sectors in Bangladesh. We are going to expand our business in to multi sectors.

i-Tech ™ has nationwide business through its honorable dealers and distributors to form a strategic network capable of delivering our products and solutions to customers throughout the country within twenty-four hours locally. i-Tech ™ strives to continue to provide wide range quality services for its customers. To become a value added supplier and a valuable business development partner to the customer.

i-Tech ™ has cultivating professional staffs specializing in foreign trade who are diligent in working and gaining high reputation for company. i-Tech ™ have close co-operation with its business partners both at home & abroad and am going on with sincere co-operation for the mutual benefit. i-Tech ™ gets itself ready to company with any trading requirements from its clients

i-Tech ™ employs highly trained technical and support personnel with expertise in the component level rebuilds of a wide variety of consumer IT products. i-Tech ™ serves over 25,000 customers nationwide, including independent service dealers, national retail chains, general line distributors, third party maintenance companies, and major corporations.

Our best practice is to cater to the need of our valued dealers and retail customers with relationship based marketing. This brings positive results to both ends and finally it is a situation for both our clients.  

Company Profile

i-Tech ™ is a leading IT company in Bangladesh. It was established in 2006 promoted by young energetic professional management. Now i-Tech ™ will be expanding its business in most of the important cities in Bangladesh. i-Tech ™ always brings the latest technologies in order to make its products best suited for the needs of our customers. As a result it emerges as a leading IT firm in Bangladesh.

* The name of the Company is "i-Tech ™"

* The Registered office in Bangladesh.

The object for which the Company is established are all or any of the following (and in construing the following sub-clause all the objects will be implemented after obtaining necessary permission from the Government/ Concerned authority/Competent authority before commencement of business:-

* To Import or export, Marketing, sale and produce all type of Computer, Computer Accessories, Electronics  & telecommunication and other Goods in local market and abroad.

* To setup an Information Technology (IT) related Institution, Workstation, Training Centre and to develop IT Related humen resource develop program in Bangladesh and abroad.

* To setup a modern Internet Service Provider (ISP), Telephone and Communication System in Bangladesh with The foreign part.

* To setup workstation for Data Entry, Software Production, Multimedia Film and software production in Bangladesh.

* To carry on the business by setting up office, Showroom, workshop and necessary structures and premises In Bangladesh and abroad.

* To setup or establish or operate its branches at any place in Bangladesh or abroad.

* To carry on all or any of the businesses of Information Technology of all kinds. 

* To buy, sell, produce and deal in all kinds of materials, parts, Substances and ingredients needed to complete the products.

* To produce any of those Information Technology related products the company may establish necessary set up For this purpose.

* To carry on the business as exporter and importer and general stores and provision in all branches, workshop, showroom, shops and necessary structures and premises.

* To invest the money of the Company not immediately required in such manner as may from time to time be determined.

* To avail local technical skill and if necessary foreign technical assistance as well as foreign technical collaboration and capital investment as and when such collaboration and investment is approved by the authority.

* To draw, make accept, endorse, seal, execute, negotiate, purchase advance money upon, discount, hold and dispose of cheeque, promissory notes, bills of exchange, drafts charter parties, bills of lading and other negotiable documents and contract deeds and other instruments and to cancel every such instruments.

* To procure the company to be registered or recognized in any foreign country or place in any part of the world.

* To sell, improve, manage, develop, exchange, lease, mortgage, franchise, dispose of turned to accounts or other wise deal with all or any part of the property and rights of the company.

* To open any current, savings, overdraft, cash credit account and fixed account at any schedule bank and to deposit money and draw money from such accounts.

*  To receive money or otherwise and to advance money to such persons and companies and to such terms as may be deemed expedient.

* To take financial assistance from any bank or other financing institution and agencies local or foreign.

* To enter into any arrangements with government, finance corporation or authorities supreme, municipal, local or other bodies may seem conducive to the company’s objects or any of them and to obtain from any such authority any rights privileges and concessions which the company may think desirable to obtain and to carry out, exercise and comply with any such arrangements, rights, privileges and concessions.

* In order to train up employees, member and others of the company may send them abroad to develop their expertise and skill in the line of the company is conducting business and to bring technicians and experts from abroad for the company from any company on any terms as the company may think fit and proper.

* To make, amend or revoke from time to time by laws for the control and management of the company.

**Member of**

»  The Dhaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI)

»  Bangladesh Computer Samity (BCS)

Contact Information

Postal address
       " i-Tech TM"
ECS. Computer City, 354, Level-3, Multiplan Centre 69-71, Mirpur Road,(New Elephant Road, Dhaka-1205, Bangladesh.
Electronic mail

General Information: info@itech.com.bd
Sales: sales@itech.com.bd
Customer Support: support@itech.com.bd
Webmaster: ceo@itech.com.bd

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